Representation of interests

Protecting its own interests, GRIFS AG only permits legitimate methods of representing them, which includes outreach with well-argued and substantiated information and ideas, intended to influence the opinions that are involved in the adoption of laws, and to encourage officials and parliament members to take action.

GRIFS AG only expresses the joint opinion of the industry to government officials as part of the Association of Security Companies (ASC), Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and other interest groups that cover issues that can affect personal security.

Currently, ASC is the largest organisation of security companies, with its members—SIA GRIFS AG, AS G4S Latvia and SIA USS Latvia—employing more than a quarter of all people working in this industry.


The goal of representing the interests of GRIFS AG is to promote sustainable growth in the security services industry that would be based on honest and fair competition, in compliance with the legal regulatory documents in effect.


Two organisations that represent the security services industry—the Association of Security Companies and the Latvian Security Business Association (LSBA)—signed a memorandum of understanding that formalised the intention to cooperate with third parties and conclude a general agreement regarding the minimum wage level in security services, and to achieve more beneficial legal regulation.

Stricter requirements were implemented for obtaining a security services licence, forcing companies to recertify.

A memorandum of understanding was signed with LSBA, with the intention of concluding a general agreement to determine the minimum wage in the industry.

A study was carried out about the attitude of the general public towards security guards: 60% would trust them in an emergency.

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