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If you are looking for an honest employer who will provide paid training, a good working environment and career options, come and work for us!

Employees opportunities


Training and professional growth

GRIFS AG provides its employees with opportunities for learning and improving their skills as part of the company-internal training, as well as training at various other educational institutions. We offer paid first-aid courses, electric safety training, as well as many other kinds of training for expanding the skillset of our workers.


Paid security certificate

The company provides fully-paid courses for obtaining a security certificate that take place parallel to the work schedule. In order to ensure that the certificate is obtained early, the company offers a bonus to those employees who receive their security certificate within two months.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia has developed a test for obtaining a security certificate that is similar to the test intended for the State Police. Employees are provided with digital means to train and prepare for the exam.

You can practice for the security certificate exam here




GRIFS AG supports the involvement of its employees in sports activities and their participation in athletics teams and events. Support is provided for personal and team achievements in cycling races, marathons, tournaments, rallies etc.

We are proud of our employees!

Promotion and rewards for the best employees

Labāka balva

GRIFS AG is proud of its employees whose actions represent the company’s values and create its image.

Rewarding its best employees is one of the key elements of the worker motivation system at GRIFS AG. Such recognition can be awarded to any employee of GRIFS AG, regardless of their position and duties. The choice is made based on the quality of their work and their attitude towards it, if there is a high sense of responsibility, interest and initiative. Our best employees are invited once a year to come together and receive personal commendations from the management of GRIFS AG.

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