Child safety

GRIFS AG promotes safety for children in their everyday lives; given that our hectic modern lifestyle creates many threats to children, GRIFS AG organises educational events to make sure that every child knows what to do if they end up in a threatening environment. The company also teaches what safety measures to take to prevent such situations.

The initiative of GIRFS AG is to educate Year 1 to 4 school children with the free Safety Lesson organised by the company.

For GRIFS AG, this is an excellent opportunity to provide years of knowledge and expertise in security as part of a curriculum developed by leading psychologists and other experts.

You may register your school for participation in the Safety campaign by sending an application letter with the subject line ‘Safety Lesson. Be Safe, Protect Yourself’ via e-mail to, or calling 26364282.


The goal of GRIFS AG is to expand the general public’s, especially children’s, knowledge in matters of security and safety, presenting this information in a digestible way.


In 2019, the Safety Lesson took place at “Drošības stunda”; the lesson was also conducted for the children of GRIFS AG employees. We carried out a survey to determine if the content of the Safety Lesson was suitable and useful for children, and if the participants would recommend it to others. It could be concluded that overall, the employees of the schools positively evaluated the Security Lesson itself, as well as the knowledge and professionalism of the instructor. In cooperation with health and safety specialists, a brochure was developed providing answers to various What should you do if…? questions. This is a source of information to be discussed during classes and at home. The brochure offers brief advice and answers to questions often asked by schoolchildren. What should you do if…

  • personal items are lost or stolen at school?
  • a stranger attacks you in the street, or tries to take your money, or your phone?
  • a car pulls over next to you, and a stranger in it offers to take you somewhere?
  • a dog attacks you?
  • someone at school or outside it offers you a cigarette, alcohol, pills, or other unknown substances?
  • there is heavy traffic on the way to school, and you are late for your classes?
  • you have a health-related problem during a class or a break at school?
  • there is a fire at the school?
  • there is a fight in the class?
  • other children from your class or school ignore you or laugh at you?

2557 school children have been educated in safety so far.

The ‘What should you do if...?’ brochure has been developed.

Schools have positively assessed the usefulness of the Safety Lesson.

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