What should you keep in mind when choosing a security company?

There are many security companies, and it is easy to become lost in the broad range of services they offer; however, there are factors that should be considered when choosing a security company. GRIFS AG urges you to answer the following questions before signing a contract with any security company:

Has the company been granted a security business licence, and does it have the certificates necessary for providing such services?

Every security company must have a security business licence, and its presence should be indicated on the website, or produced on demand. This licence (special security business permit) demonstrates that the company has sufficient equipment, experience and human resources to provide specific services, such as installing security systems, guarding facilities, auditing security systems etc. You should also keep in mind that even the companies that do not provide physical security, and only install security systems must have a special licence to be able to do it.

Can the company in question provide the services that match your needs?

There is much variety in security systems and solutions, and they can be adapted for the needs of the client. Before signing a contract with any security company, carefully familiarise yourself with what the company has to offer and find out what actions it takes in the case of an alarm, if its units will arrive at your home, and what your options are for obtaining information about what happens at your home. What technical solutions does the company offer? Whether to choose a wired or a wireless system, what the installation conditions are, if there are fines for false alarms, the deployment locations of the company’s mobile response team, the number of mobile response teams in the region where your residence is located. Answers to these questions will help you objectively assess the offer of the security company.

Is the company honest in its operations?

Off-the-books dealings, such as the practice of illegal salaries, are rather common in the field of security services, and many companies try to save this way, and offer cheaper services. However, you must keep in mind that you cannot trust these companies to provide quality service. If an employee does not have an employment contract with their company, there is no guarantee that they will fulfil their duties responsibly, or that the employee has undergone the training necessary to take care of your security. GRIFS AG is a member of the Association of Security Companies, which continuously monitors the activities of companies and informs the public of any dishonest practices found.

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