How do you avoid false alarms?

A false alarm occurs if a security device is triggered due to a technical problem, or certain situations, such as pets or wind triggering motion sensors. False alarms create additional costs, which is why companies, especially shopping centres prefer equipment that provides more security, instead of the cheapest kind. Such equipment carries out analyses on a multiple level, being capable of detecting real threats with more precision, reducing the number of false alarms.

To avoid paying more for false alarms, GRIFS AG recommends taking the following precautions:

  • After the security system is installed, discuss the necessary precautionary measures to prevent false alarms with your family. Explain to your children how the alarm system works and what happens if it is activated. It is important not to scare the children and prohibit them from calling security because it costs money, because if your children get in a situation where they need help, they might become too afraid to call for it. Tell your children how to call the mobile response team in the case of an emergency.
  • The home security system is equipped with motion sensors that detect any movement in your home. The alarm will be triggered by pets if the motion sensors installed at your home aren’t designed not to detect them. For this reason, when you install the security system, find out if the sensors you have chosen are immune to pets of certain sizes, numbers and weights. Even if you do not have a pet now, you might want to get one in the future, so it might be better to spend a couple of euros more on a motion sensor that is suitable for houses with pets, instead of replacing all the sensors later.
  • Motion sensors react to any movement, which means that even a window that was left open can cause a false alarm. Do not leave the windows open or in ventilation mode, even if you live on the fifth or sixth floor. The motion sensors of the security system sometimes trigger the alarm with the slightest of wind in the room.

It is common that shortly after installation, security systems still produce false alarms, especially in the case of pets, which is where GRIFS AG accommodates its clients, and if the client chooses to install a GRIFS AG security system, then the company does not impose a fee for mobile team calls for the first couple of weeks, using this time to adjust the sensors to the client’s needs.

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